Úlfur Karlsson: 2+2=5

15 Jan - 19 Feb 2021

It was only a decade ago when Úlfur Karlsson (1988) began his career with a an expressionist approach using vivid colors where words on the canvas were like arbitrary thoughts that had a message, albeit obscure. Since then, his style has evolved into a stronger narrative approach with random placements og subject matter. The material being used for painting  bears witness of his raw approach; the canvas is equivalent to a raft or an old sofa painting. In his work the artist highlights the characteristics of a generation that grew up with cartoons in the morning, vague news about wars in a distant place and sports. Pop culture and satire is an underlying theme that has remained with the artist from the beginning.


Úlfur Karlsson (1988) graduated from the Icelandic Film School in 2008 and received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of the Arts in Gothenburg, Valand in 2012. Úlfur has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. These include the solo exhibition Omnivoures in Galerie Ernst Hilger 2019, the joint exhibition Young Icelandic Art in Bredgade Kunsthandel 2018 and an exhibition in Hall D of the Reykjavík Art Museum 2017.