Shu Yi: A Lingering

28 Feb - 31 Mar 2021

A Lingering contains two series of 16 pieces of work. All the works were done by recording environments through ultra long exposure up to an hour. This project is a study of how people experience time in different manners. A lingering indicates the moment we are going to forget. The project aims to document this state of living in the present— one through a motionless reflecting, and the other, meticulously observing.



The window at the site of accommodation—the hotel, guest room, the place of lingering. Sensing the light by looking up a bit. Dwelling for a short while in that moment where nothing exists other than one’s own thoughts. A place where past and future have no connection—one has no other alternative than to be in the moment temporarily with the self.



In the morning a florist's process is recorded through the lens. He prepares the flowers to be as beautiful as they can be for the day. He knows that life is short. Perfection doesn’t last. His caress and caring for the plant make it the utmost beautiful ornament. For he knows ways to encourage the flower to last beyond the day before it disappears into infinity. Day after day, it is the same process. The photographs in this series are layered like an involuntary thought that compresses time—the future, the present, and the past—on white paper.


Shu Yi is an artist and visual communication designer based in Reykjavík. She holds a master’s degree in visual communication design f rom Iceland University of the Arts 2016, a master’s in fine art photography from London College of Communication 2012, and a bachelor’s in graphic design from Beijing Normal University 2010. Her photography practice is preoccupied with understanding and discussing how human beings perceive time and space in different manners through an artistic point of view. Her aesthetic value and artistic concept has been greatly influenced by a combined effect of both Eastern Buddhist thinking and Western philosophy such as phenomenology. In recent years, Shu Yi works independently and also collaboratively with programmers and site designers. Her practice visualizes and then communicates objective information such as data using a dynamic and artistic visual language in order to harmonize aesthetics with human understanding.